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Volume V
Volume V of the PERFECT PIANO SERIES sets a new standard of excellence in a collection of world class instruments designed for professional use. The featured piano is a Hamburg Steinway D prepared especially for sampling. Playing the finished samples sounds better than a recording of the piano itself... thatís how good it is. Hereís what two top recording artists have said about it:

"I've never heard anything like this... the bass is so sweet, honest and pure and the piano never gets in the way of the singers. Beautiful work!"

"We were about half way through the sessions for a filmscore using a Steinway D. When the budget got tight, it was decided to finish the remaining tracks using Steinway samples instead. When the producer came in to hear some of the final mixes using your piano, she said '...I thought we were going to use samples instead of the Steinway.' She couldnít tell the samples from the real D! Thanks again for such a great piano and I hope you make many more."

Patch 9: Motif ES with no EQ, some reverb from the Yamaha recorded from the analog outputs through the Mackie board.

Patch 13: Motif ES with no EQ, some reverb from the Yamaha recorded from the analog outputs through the Mackie board.

Santo Toledo - Patch 13: Motif ES with no EQ, some reverb from the Yamaha recorded from the analog outputs through the Mackie board.

Sample one: These demos were recorded using Fantom XR analogue outs into an old Mackie 32.4 sound reinforcement board. No effects or processing of any kind has been used other than what's inside the Roland.

sample two: This sample includes some strings to complement the piano.

sample three: Here is the piano in context with some very bright percussion and strings. Again no outboard EQ or effects on the piano other than a pinch of reverb and piano resonance from the Roland patch. Notice how it sits there in the mix nicely and provides the entire harmonic backing yet when exposed, it sounds beautiful and clear.

sample four: Dynamics plus. Expression bordering on explosive and yet delicately soft with a sense that the fringes of fibre on the felt hammers are barely touching the string.

sample five: Thing is that if a piano can beautifully reproduce a classic piano piece with an expressiveness that shows the artist's entusiasm for the piano, then that is a piano which will inspire all sorts of creativity from all users ... which is really the purpose of having a gorgeous instrument to begin with. It adds to making the world a more beautiful place.

sample six: Many musicians believe that they are better at communicating through music than with language. At your fingertips lies the ultimate and perfect instrument of expression; whether it be rage, uncontrollable love, praise or grief. This instrument is right there with you to facilitate an expression that comes from the deepest parts of your soul, and to authenticate it with beauty and Truth. A beautiful instrument is essential to a developing artist because it brings out the best in their talent and personal being.

sample 7: Here's a New York Steinway D, the second piano on the Volume V disk. The piano is just as it comes right out of the Fantom with no processing or EQ added and no EQ was used in the Fantom either. Patch number 10 seemed suited for this Spanish flavor piece. Notice the smoothness of expression and the traditional Steinway character of the upper end. This piano is perfect for pop, jazz or anything you throw at ...and as you can hear, the dynamics are set so you can gently stay on top with the right hand while the left pads out the sound.

All these pieces are copyright 2005