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Perfect Piano Pro
Perfect Piano Pro is a unique collection of the premier pianos from each of the first three volumes completely re-worked. This includes the legendary 16 meg Steinway D40 which has been a top rated piano for nearly thirteen years. No sample was left untouched and all programming completely re-done for these formats. All the pianos were processed with our latest proprietary processes including Z-axis positioning system which keeps the piano image in one place during soft and loud play unlike most sampled pianos that move back behind the speaker projection plane when played softly and then get right in your face when played loudly. The uniqueness of Z axis processing is that the samples contain no ambience and yet the piano sounds as if it was mic'd from a distance. The collection includes multiple sample sets of a Steinway D, Fazioli 10'2" the longest piano in production and a Kawai 7 foot conservatory grand. This is the best of the best pianos produced over the past twelve years.