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Sample Cell 2
Volume III
"I've played piano for 50 years, a Juliard graduate and hated digital pianos because they couldn't be used for professional work ...but you've made a happy man here in New York ...it warms my heart to know that someone out there has the sensitivity and the know-how to keep the piano empire safe."
Ken Bichel, arranger & composer for "The Guiding Light"

"Nobody can touch it, nobody even comes close. Yours definitely is THE ONE - without a doubt!
Bob Christianson, Great Immediately Productions, NY"

"The dynamic range is enormous. I can play [live performance] as soft as I want to without reaching for the volume or eq slider for any correction. I do everything with my fingers ... everything is just right. It plays like a real piano with all the nuances and dynamics."
David Oliver, Connecticut

"It's the first time I've felt like I want to practice. It's the first [electronic piano] I've played that gives the actual sensation of playing a real piano. I'm just thrilled with it!"
Robert Sweeney, London England

Volume 3 demo

See the video of the sampling session! (RealVideo 1.5MB)

another Volume 3 demo