Since 1993, my pianos have satisfied the most demanding artists, producers and engineers from conservatory grads to top ten artists. I am the only developer who proudly answers his phone and signs his name on every disk. No matter where you are in the world, I will call you for consultation and follow up after the sale to make sure my pianos sound as good in your studio as they do in mine.

So, if youíre tired of working with pianos that donít measure up to the best of what youíre hearing out there... then give me a call and let me explain why my pianos will deliver the professional quality youíve been looking for.

Voicing: Like Steinway who delivers, tunes and makes nominal adjustments to the piano and then voices the piano during the first year, Coakley pianos are initially set for a wide dynamic range and a moderate brilliance. The pianos are constructed so they can be custom voiced as well.

"...thereís hardly a nights worth of TV that you wonít hear one of my pianos."


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